Touching Sweet and Holy Ground

Hello you precious and lovely souls,

I am writing to you first of all to say that I have indeed survived my first two days of grad school at Duke Divinity! I am also writing you now because it has been way too long since I have spoken here and I don’t know if the coming semester will give me much time to write for pleasure. So before the intense theological exercises begin, here I am saying to you that I am alive, well, and extremely blessed! I cannot explain how much your prayers, texts, and calls have meant to me as I enter this new season of life!

(This is me in front of the marvelous Duke Chapel. I still can’t believe that I get to walk passed this grand sanctuary every. single. day. Also, yes I was indeed in line with all of the other first year students who simply had to take a picture for their moms!)

Now, as to why I’m writing,

To every person who has felt small. Physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, etc.

I hope you all know that I’ve been there too, and by “been” there I quite literally mean I was sitting in that place last week.

While I was at orientation last Thursday, surrounded by 180 plus incoming students, sisters and brothers who all feel called to serve God’s church just as I do! How amazing and unique is that?!

At the same time though, I brought along with me that nagging insecurity.

The insecurity of being small and sitting in places where my feet simply don’t touch.

And sometimes it feels like a scene from a movie, where the teacher is calling the role and I’m desperately raising my hand, fearful because despite all efforts I seem to remain unseen.

That’s how I felt last week, sitting in an institution with a name that carries a lot of weight, Duke University. Legs dangling from my seat in the chapel, masking the fear of not being smart ENOUGH, bold ENOUGH, qualified ENOUGH.

But enough is enough.

Because I was not brought to this place by my own merit, my own strength, my own qualifications. Praise God.

I am here because the Lord of Mercy has dressed me up and equipped me to stand and belong here.

So here’s to the Lord getting me up from that seat of fear and placing my feet firmly on this solid ground. Holy ground. Grounds that He will use to shape and stretch me over these next three wonderful years!

Here’s to standing a little taller and believing who He says I am. A child of God.

Here’s me professing to you all today, that I believe and have seen how God uses all sorts of people, even the one’s you wouldn’t expect, and sometimes those people look just like you and me.

Maybe, just maybe, there is someone who is reading this while sitting in the seat of fear.

I hope that you know that the Lord, in His mercy, says that you are enough.

May you get up, be where your feet are, and go all in.

Because He goes before you and has made a place for you to stand. That place my friends, is indeed holy ground.

With peace and love,

Little (but strong and anointed) Woman.


One thought on “Touching Sweet and Holy Ground

  1. Wow! Your way of expressing what you are thinking and feeling never ceases to amaze me. God is going to use you in powerful ways to touch lives. Love being able to stay connected and hear your thoughts.

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